Tears From My Heart

Life touches so deeply sometimes the tears come. Not unpleasant and by no means unwanted, but tears born of something deep in my heart being touched, the place where the all of who I am lets me breathe, feel the glory of the sun, the magic of diamonds against the night sky.

I can’t always say or predict what will bring these moments of deep-felt life. I can say all they are driven by the heart and soul of living. This day driving in my car Springsteen sings “Back In Your Arms” and the tears come. So many lost, some gone forever, some out of reach, all still in my heart. There they never die. And I don’t mind the sadness the song provokes because I love the depth of love and breathtaking honesty that drives its purpose. And I love that even when people are gone , or out of reach, I can still love them.

And so, tears from my heart are a good thing. I am alive, and it doesn’t get better than that.

The following clip is from a documentary called “Blood Brothers”, “Blood Brothers” being a song I long ago dedicated to my friend Dane. This clip gives you a glimpse into the making of the song, and powerhouse heart and soul and spirit that went into writing and singing “Back In Your Arms”.



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