The Liars Among Us

Are any of us this stupid? Sadly, I’m afraid so. What am I asking about? Are any of us stupid enough to actually believe Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, a Democrat, when he refers to the several occasions when he said he served in Vietnam (see video below) when he didn’t as merely a few misplaced words on his part? If my Connecticut friends are dopey enough to elect him, and I don’t think they are, God help’m.

Perhaps what Richie B meant to say was, “I lied!” when suddenly, out of the blue, the slime-dripping God of lying took hold of his speech because the words he actually said were, “I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and impugn my record of service to our country.” Hard to impugn something that barely exists if it exists at all.

But Richie B wasn’t the only one of late running around spewing garbage like a leaking sewage pipe. The Catholic Church with the what-me-cover-for-the-pedophiles? Pope is now running around arguing in court that Catholic Bishops are not employees of the church. Never mind that, as the Associated Press reports, “The pope appoints bishops, issues rules bishops are supposed to follow and accepts their resignations. Bishops take a vow of obedience to the pontiff and can’t switch jobs without his approval.”

And so the beat of lies goes on. Richie B claiming his words were misplaced and Popey claiming they don’t work for me.

And here’s the thing; both the blatant lies noted above drench disrespect on two groups of people who don’t deserve it. The men and women who served this country and, as the saying goes, gave all they had and in some cases gave their all, and the children. Anyone who would rather lie than take responsibility for disrespecting veterans and victimizing children doesn’t deserve public office to represent the people or the papacy to represent God. And that ain’t no lie.


One thought on “The Liars Among Us

  1. So, Peter, what about the message? Do you think that was sincere? What happened if he misspoke? What if he meant to say something else but that's what came out? I'm not suggesting that he didn't lie, but I am rather curious about a man who was passionately advocating for servicemen and servicewomen. Was he ever asked directly, "Did you serve?" and did he reply, "Yes, I did." That reads like a lie to me (potentially). But this? Well, I'm not exactly clear. Service to one's country is a sketchy thing. What do you think counts as service? What does he think counts as service?


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