The Liars Among Us

Are any of us this stupid? Sadly, I’m afraid so. What am I asking about? Are any of us stupid enough to actually believe Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, a Democrat, when he refers to the several occasions when he said he served in Vietnam (see video below) when he didn’t as merely a few misplaced words on his part? If my Connecticut friends are dopey enough to elect him, and I don’t think they are, God help’m.

Perhaps what Richie B meant to say was, “I lied!” when suddenly, out of the blue, the slime-dripping God of lying took hold of his speech because the words he actually said were, “I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and impugn my record of service to our country.” Hard to impugn something that barely exists if it exists at all.

But Richie B wasn’t the only one of late running around spewing garbage like a leaking sewage pipe. The Catholic Church with the what-me-cover-for-the-pedophiles? Pope is now running around arguing in court that Catholic Bishops are not employees of the church. Never mind that, as the Associated Press reports, “The pope appoints bishops, issues rules bishops are supposed to follow and accepts their resignations. Bishops take a vow of obedience to the pontiff and can’t switch jobs without his approval.”

And so the beat of lies goes on. Richie B claiming his words were misplaced and Popey claiming they don’t work for me.

And here’s the thing; both the blatant lies noted above drench disrespect on two groups of people who don’t deserve it. The men and women who served this country and, as the saying goes, gave all they had and in some cases gave their all, and the children. Anyone who would rather lie than take responsibility for disrespecting veterans and victimizing children doesn’t deserve public office to represent the people or the papacy to represent God. And that ain’t no lie.


Vatican Message Sinks Lower & Lower

With Pope Benedict – a man who covered up child molestation for God knows how long –  present, a Vatican official had the slime-ridden audacity to equate the world-wide cry for justice in the face of a pope and other catholic officials who covered up or took part in child abuse, to the brutal persecution of the Jewish people. To utter these despicable words on the day Jesus was crucified is nauseating to say the least.

Father Cantalamessa said “They (Jews) know from experience what it means to be victims of collective violence and also because of this they are quick to recognize the recurring symptoms.” All of those involved in the abuse and cover up engaged and still engage in criminal activity. For slugs like Cantalamessa and Benedict to claim the heat they are feeling is unfair is equivalent to Charles Manson claiming his prosecution was a wee bit overzealous. Now there’s an analogy that works!

What galls me even further is the absence of an outcry from world leaders, including my own president, who is the best president my country’s had, certainly in my lifetime, which makes his silence all the more troubling.

Unless you’ve had your head up your ass for the past decade or two, just got back from a trip to another planet, just bought the Brooklyn Bridge from a guy named Mouse, or are an out and out liar, you know damned well there is a real world wide problem of child rape in the Catholic Church, and the cover up continues.

Issue warrants, arrest them, charge them, convict them, jail them.



Cardinal Walter Kasper’s claim that the Pope’s decision to reinstate a Bishop who denies the Holocaust was poorly handled would be laughable were the subject matter not so wrenchingly brutal and tragic.

Bishop Richard Williamson not only denies the Holocaust but says no more than 300,000 Jews died in the concentration camps. Williams says he does not believe there were any gas chambers and no more than 300,000 Jews died in the concentration camps.

One is tempted to grab this despicable anti-Semite by the scruff of the neck and say, First of all, it was 6 million, but let me ask you something while I’ve got your attention. Is 300,000 a low number in your world? It would seem his answer would be yes. One would be tempted to tighten their grip when he or she learned that William’s apologized on a blog for having caused the Pope stress.

German chancellor, Angela Merkel, sharply criticized the Pope. “”When a decision by the Vatican gives rise to the impression that the Holocaust may be denied this cannot be allowed to stand … it’s a matter of affirming very clearly on the part of the Pope and the Vatican that there must be no denial here.”

Denying the Holocaust is a crime in Germany. Having said that, one would think the Pope would have no problem remembering the holocaust since he was alive and in Germany at the time and for a period was a member of the Hitler Youth.

Lest anyone think the Pope’s behavior is restricted to reinstating the likes of Williams, he also promoted Austrian clergyman, Gerhard Maria Wagner to the status of Bishop. Which makes sense given the kind of character the Pope looks for in a someone. After all, it was Wagner who said Hurricane Katrina was an act of “divine retribution” for New Orleans’ sexual permissiveness.

There is certainly one thing Pope Benedict does have in common with Williams and Wagner; none of the them are Christians.



While there may be no connection between the two, it is hard not to connect Pope Benedict XVI’s childhood membership in the Hitler Youth and the Pope’s deplorable decision to revoke the excommunication of a man who denies the holocaust. Connected or not, the decision is despicable and indefensible.

Richard Williams, 68, said, “The historical evidence is hugely against 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy by Adolf Hitler.”

Whether the Pope’s childhood history and bringing Williams back into the fold are connected or not, all decent people worldwide should be outraged. Moreover, the Pope’s decision to reinstate Williams makes it clear he is about as much the Vicar of Christ on earth as a rotted tree stump is a telescope through which you can get a fine and dandy close-up look at the Martian landscape.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi’s assertion that the Pope’s decision to reinstate Williams is unrelated to Williams denial of the holocaust would be laughable were it not so hideous. Saying they are unrelated is kind of like saying, Yes, I know, he murdered 50 innocents in cold blood with an Uzi but I we think he will run a wonderful daycare center for your children.

The overview of this situation makes it impossible to believe there is not a hefty does of anti-Semitism coursing through the pontiff’s veins. And if there is one thing I now for sure, anti-Semitism is a disease the belongs nowhere, including the world of Christianity.