Truth Makes Things Grow

He returns the cup of coffee to its saucer, looks at the younger man, and smiles. “Life is like soil, what you put in tells what you grow. But don’t ever come a time you have say over everything.”

The younger man leans back in his chair, looks out the diner window at the overcast sky just now  spilling rain, shakes his head, and looks back at the older man. “So there’s no such thing as certainty.”

Not all the way. Look at those folks figurin’ they make enough money all will be well. Never works. That Ralph Lauren fella made lots of clothes but never made happiness. If you ain’t happy bein’ you it don’t amount to a hill a beans what you wearin’. Years back I was in the street, homeless they call is these days, wadn’t easy by any means, but I had some fine friendships that knew loyalty and ya don’t see much loyalty these days. Lotta users though. People playin’ friends, playin’ love and keep playin’ as long as they get what they want from you. Then they’re gone, mist in the morning gone.”

So if you like somebody, want to know somebody more’n you do,  love somebody even, whataya do? “

Say so.”

Say so?”

Sure. Ain’t no point in bein’ anybody but who you are and if you have feelin’ thoughts like that, say’m. That’s what you feed your soil with, truth. Best thing there is cause when truth makes things grow they’s things you can count on, believe in.”

It stopped raining.”


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