Thoughts on Lindsay Lohan

No matter how you hold Lindsay Lohan’s behavior up to the light, you are looking at someone in the merciless grip of addiction.  I am a recovering alcoholic so the struggle for sobriety is not foreign to me. Continued use usually ends in, as the saying goes, jails, institution or death.  The story for those who continue to use never ends with the words, and they lived happily ever after. As long as Ms Lohan or anyone is using, life is at risk.

This week Superior Court Judge Marsha N. Revel sentenced Ms. Lohan to 90 days in jail to be followed by a 90-day inpatient rehab program to commence within two days of her release. With all my heart I hope Ms. Lohan gets that she is battling with addiction, accepts its reality, and commits to getting sober, sobriety being far more important than any waiting screen role. Apparently this is lost on Chris Hanely, one of the producers of Inferno, a so-called biopic of Linda Lovelace with Ms. Lohan slated to play the part. Hanely is quoted in PEOPLE as calling the 90 and 90 sentence “A pretty brutal judgment.”  Ms. Lohan’s parents have complained that the sentence is too harsh.

Here’s the reality as I see it. Ms. Lohan has not hit her “bottom” yet, the “bottom” being that moment when it finally hits the person deep in their center that unless they get well, all is lost. Without hitting “bottom”, no one recovers. I am genuinely sorry for the suffering Ms. Lohan and the millions of others who are battling with addiction endure. It’s hell. I can only hope those around her and those around the countless others understand that you will lose anything and everything you put before your sobriety.

As a good friend of mine, Jimmy, once said: “You’re not responsible for your addiction, you’re responsible for your recovery.” And so it is for Ms. Lohan, me, and everyone else who faces the challenge of addiction.



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