Responding to a Reader about Feeney’s Work

A blog reader recently wrote in asking about the quality of Tim Feeney’s work with brain injury survivors. In short, not impressive. In fact, I consider Feeney nothing more than a clinical predator.

This writer and others have received numerous reports of assessments not being done by Feeney and his staff, assessments done in a haphazard fashion, and a seeming reluctance to put much of anything in writing.

One family set up a meeting with their attorney and their son who lives with a brain injury specifically so Feeney could attend. Not only did Feeney not attend, he didn’t even bother to call them. They set up a second meeting with the same result. Another example would be when Feeney spent 10 minutes with a man with a brain injury, claimed it was an assessment, and proclaimed the man unfit for the waiver.

This writer has heard Feeney refer to himself as ‘the angel of death” referencing his ability to close a waiver provider, stop admissions or refuse to allow a survivor on the waiver or, in some cases, toss a survivor off the waiver. Moreover, several providers, good providers, have talked about how Feeney and his group would place demands on providers that placed unnecessary economic strain on their pocketbooks while at the same time, did not translate into particularly effective care.

I can tell this reader, and others pondering the same question this person asked, that back when I first exposed Feeney’s false credentials I offered to sit down and talk with him about the situation, and offer he began to accept until I told him we needed to record the conversation so neither of us would have to worry about the other making false claims. As soon as he heard this, he declined to talk.

I would sit down with Feeney any time – in an open forum  – which allowed survivors, families, members of the media and others to attend and ask questions; give him a chance to explain why it is okay to go around the state, the country and, for that matter, the world, telling people in real need of help, people with brain injuries, children with autism and more, why it is okay for him to say he is Dr. Feeney or Tim Feeney PhD when he is neither.

One thought on “Responding to a Reader about Feeney’s Work

  1. in an era when accountability and responsibility are important and stressed by the NYS government and DOH they award contracts to a facility who hires someone lying about his credentials. Thats the message that DOH chooses to give to all other providers, staff and organizations serving people with disabilities. The OMIG and teh state attorney should be involved not just now but for all these years that the self proclaimed "Dr Feeney" did his work. If DOH would have elicited feedback from providers, Regional offices and participants alike they would never allow him to work with survivors as part of this program and be part of a contract they award nevertheless.


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