More than a Quarter Million New York Dollars

If, for some odd reason, you recently found yourself thinking bureaucracy couldn’t get any more dysfunctional, think again. Despite hard economic times, New York state officials entered into a contract that will funnel more than a quarter million hard-earned New York State tax dollars into a project even though they are fully aware that the implementation of the contract includes the widely discredited Timothy J. Feeney.

As the several thousand regular readers of this blog know, Feeney is the person who continues to tromp about claiming to be Timothy J. Feeney PhD or Dr. Timothy Feeney when he no more has a valid doctorate than Fred Flintstone does (apologies to Mr. Flintstone). Feeney doesn’t have a valid masters degree either.

Nonetheless, New York State decided to go ahead an enter into a contract with the Southern Tier Independence Center (STIC) in Binghamton which in turn will give Timmy a major role in the lives of brain injury survivors, their families and health care providers, all of who face enough challenges as it is, much less having to face the unwanted challenge of dealing with dishonest man who is part of a contract that with drain more a quarter million from state coffers.

While it is unclear (though we can guess) what went into the decision to funnel more than a quarter of a million dollars into a contract that empowers a fraud, there is one thing that clearly did not play a role in the decision; a sincere desire to provide the best services to people who live with brain injuries, their families, and the honorable providers that day in and day out try to provide the best services possible.


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