You are reason enough

There is little joy in loss and lots of pain; the absence of joy and the presence of pain can feel endless, and here is where we need to be careful.

The realities of life will please us and disappoint us simply because they are the realities of life. Companies promising a lifetime of employment have the capacity to without warning reverse field and cut you loose; people who pledge their undying love and allegiance to you have the capacity to do the same. Does this mean we give no company or person a chance? I don’t think so. If there is the chance of a hoped for lifetime connection it will never happen if any of us close the door on the possibility.

But protect yourself.

One way of protecting yourself revolves around discovering, if you’ve not done so already, that who you are, your life is reason enough to get up and live and enjoy your day. When loss strikes and guts you out of the blue and leaves your skin chilled and your heart shivering, you are still there and still alive and while life in the moment you’re in may be a terrifying place to be, keep breathing and don’t give up.

Obviously I am speaking from experience. The specifics of my experience, at least for this missive, aren’t important. What is important is this. Who you are is truly enough reason to not just live, but to give yourself permission to enjoy your life. The loss of any person, place or thing does not deserve so much control over you that it robs you of your right to enjoy your life. And hell, there is no reason to feel guilty by moving on. After all, the person, place or thing that left your life chose to do so; guilt didn’t stop them. Don’t let it stop you.

Misplaced guilt deserves no say over any life.


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