If you are loved

If you are loved, don’t miss it. Life happens to us whether we like it or not and though love may portend permanence, it is, sadly, not the overseer of life (unfair I know). But life, it seems to me, is not cut from a fabric beholden to anything but its very existence.

If you love, give it your all. I say this with one caveat; that you do not give it your all at the expense of giving up who you are. And who you are deserves respect. Know that. And if,  now, as your eyes travel this page, you find that hard to belief, it is still true. Promise. We all lose sight of our value and worth from time to time, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Any truly loving connection between two people, no matter its form, two people in love, friends, siblings, parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, can only be healthy loving for both if each person can be who they are (really are) safely with the other.

Love is life’s greatest gift. Don’t miss it.

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