When angels die

If you are  blessed in life you may encounter  a handful of people (if that) who possess hearts so loving and souls so rich with goodness they should be allowed  to live forever. For me these special few are life’s angels, and a woman I loved deeply and whose heart I wounded years ago during my days of drinking died unexpectedly on May 21, 2013. She was 56. When I read of her passing I almost stopped breathing. My first thought was  (and is) it should have been me.

I was and am grateful to have learned that in the last 12 years of her life she was in a deeply loving relationship with a good man. Were it in my power I would go back in time, remove me from her life’s equation, and give my fives years with her to the two of them. I would do so in a heartbeat.

I don’t know how she died. I know it was sudden and unexpected. I know of no response to this reality other than pouring as much love and kindness and compassion into the world around me. I know of no response to this reality other than standing up with all my heart and soul for those being denied their rights, and for, whenever possible, protecting life’s angels along the way.

I am often swollen-eyed from crying lately. Some kind gentle-toned person I know said, “Give this time, you’ll be alright.” I smiled and said, “I’m alright now. Sometimes being alright is a sad place to be is all.”

If there are angels in heaven there number has been increased by one. Her name is Dorothy.

So, remember to live. But most of all remember to say I love you to those you love. Don’t wait. Say it now. If not now, when?

3 thoughts on “When angels die

  1. I am sure Dorothy forgave you for whatever it was that caused you to feel that you wish you could go back and remove yourself from her life…..Its time for you to forgive yourself…
    Honour her memory and let go of the guilt….Angels are Gods messengers from heaven and they only want you to hold love heart … May God Bless You and Keep You always♥

  2. I’m truly sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Good for you for allowing the tears to flow. That takes courage.

  3. My sincere condolences.

    All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word : freedom; justice, honor; duty; mercy; hope. ~~Sir Winston Churchill

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