Donald Trump, a sociopath?

If cruelty were a crime, Donald Trump should be serving life.

I cannot begin to describe the boiling rage I felt when I heard Donald Trump insult Senator John McCain and all veterans and all POWs by saying, “I like people who weren’t captured,” clearly and knowingly implying that being taken prisoner in war is a failing of some kind. 

Given the brutality of his comment, one wonders if Trump is a sociopath, absent all empathy for others, . The history of POWs is saturated with stories of experiences so beyond the reach of words horrifying, hell itself might have been an improvement. Will Trump apologize? No, of course not, because he is a sick, nasty, wimp of a man.

To give you an glimpse of what POWs have been through, this picture was taken of two American POWs during the Bataan Death March.


POWs, failures?  Not in my world. In my world they are role models, symbols of hope, reminders of what we as people can endure. Donald Trump…well, back in the day we’d say he needs a good ass whoopin. Hell, he needs an ass whoopin right now.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump, a sociopath?

  1. He reminds me always of Marie Antoinette. Whentold the peasants had no bread, she replied let them eat cake. He has never served in the military. Was Daddy rich enough to keep him out or was he too young for korea and too old for Viet Nam. I would love to know how he avoided the draft. Skiing in Switzerland perhaps?

    The man who has likely never done a stitch of manual labor in his life seems to like to define lazy.

    My money will not be spent any place with the Trump name nor on products with the Trump name… The shoes Ivanka designed will forever stay at Macy’s and never grace my closet. Oh to be his child….I would be disowned for what I would say to the press.

    If there is justice or karma in this world or the next, he will likely be found headless like Marie Antoinette or he will rot in hell.. Either one seems too good for him.

    I am not surprised that he raised a bunch of spineless wimps.

  2. I agree that Trump is a bit of a sociopath. Not to judge him, but it just seems to be a fact of his personality. Anyone who attempts to criticize him is immediately berated by Trump, who often sinks to the lowest possible levels when insulting people (the John McCain incident being a perfect example). Rather than addressing the content of the criticism, he simply goes out and attacks the messenger. This is a rather sociopathic trait. His charisma and charm and his brutal “honesty” make him an attractive candidate, but I think it would not be a wise decision at all to make such a man our next president.

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