Donald Trump, a sociopath?

If cruelty were a crime, Donald Trump should be serving life.

I cannot begin to describe the boiling rage I felt when I heard Donald Trump insult Senator John McCain and all veterans and all POWs by saying, “I like people who weren’t captured,” clearly and knowingly implying that being taken prisoner in war is a failing of some kind. 

Given the brutality of his comment, one wonders if Trump is a sociopath, absent all empathy for others, . The history of POWs is saturated with stories of experiences so beyond the reach of words horrifying, hell itself might have been an improvement. Will Trump apologize? No, of course not, because he is a sick, nasty, wimp of a man.

To give you an glimpse of what POWs have been through, this picture was taken of two American POWs during the Bataan Death March.


POWs, failures?  Not in my world. In my world they are role models, symbols of hope, reminders of what we as people can endure. Donald Trump…well, back in the day we’d say he needs a good ass whoopin. Hell, he needs an ass whoopin right now.


I was a wee bit tired when I first read that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin released a statement about the birth of her first grandchild which read, in part, “We are over the moon with the arrival of this healthy, beautiful baby…” I thought it read “we are on the moon” and found myself wishing that’s exactly where she was.

The former Republican VP nominee (an unsettling phrase to write, let me tell you) reminds me of fungus that just won’t go away. Or one of those horrible sitcoms that leaves you scratching your head, wondering with all your might, what on earth are people thinking?

As time moves on after the election it is more and more clear how out of her element she was and is when it comes to holding national office. Check that. Any office. At the same time, it is refreshing to see the real John McCain back again, the John McCain free of his handlers, a group of people who, now that I think of it, ought to be on the moon with Palin.

Happy New Year all!


Sarah Palin. There, I said it. I had hoped to get through this election without writing her name. While this is not a poison pen letter, I do think writing her name runs the risk of poisoning the finest of pens.

But, Sarah Palin? Are you kidding me? Her response to a bi-partisan report that concluded she had broken her state’s ethics laws was to say the report cleared her of, brace yourself, any “ethical wrong doing.” Reminds me of the Richard Pryor line: “You gonna believe me or your lying eyes?”

Listen, Sarah, if you’re gonna bullshit us, put some effort into it. Live on the edge; why not throw caution to the wind and use both digits of your IQ. Common, you can do it. No? We may not all be going to Mensa meetings anytime soon but the kind of dishonest and disingenuous garbage you’re spewing has no place in American political life, now – or ever.

However, we are in the now and now is a dangerous time for my country. The economy, our reputation around the world and our infrastructure is in shambles. Our ability to trust our elected leaders, always tenuous at best, is now nearly non-existent. We have a president and vice-president that aspired to be and came close to being our American Dictators. They should be charged as war criminals and jailed as far as I’m concerned. As a rule, dictators rule by fear. And there’s Moose Shootin’ Palin out there firing up crowds to the point they are yelling “Kill him!” about Obama.

We don’t need this or deserve this in my country. Thousands upon thousands of American men and women have lost their lives, their limbs, and their sense of safety in the world so the United States could be the United States.

As for Senator John McCain, let me be maybe the first to say it. While he was, without question, courageous beyond description in Vietnam and during years as a POW, he is a political wimp – a coward. He has abandoned all that in his heart he probably still believes in to win the election and placate his dysfunctional party leaders. That’s cowardice, bro.

As for Ms. Palin, go back to Alaska and chill out. Hey, it’s Alaska. It should be easy.


Okay, so which is it? Long hours of hard work, lack of sleep and stress caused Senator Hillary Clinton to lapse into some kind of neurological malaise or her need to win is so strong she will pretty much say anything?

Whatever the cause of her recent statements, Clinton has twice raised the specter of her opponent’s assassination as a reason for her to stay in the race. Some, including members of the media, like AP writer Devin Bartlett, point to fatigue and frustration as the possible cause of yesterday’s reference to Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Bartlett writes, “Long hours, hard work, and scant hope of succeeding may be the cause of Hillary Clinton’s latest case of political tone-deafness.”

Well, here’s the deal. If the presence of fatigue, stress, and frustration skews her judgment this badly during a campaign, just imagine what the three amigos are going to do to her judgment if she gets into the White House. Then again, if your lack of a moral code allows you to sink so low as to raise the specter of your opponent’s assassination to further your political agenda, you shouldn’t be allowed in the oval office in the first place, not even with a guest pass.

Some say Senator Clinton apologized for her statements. No she didn’t. She said she regrets what she said and was simply pointing out historical fact. Yet she knows that likely millions of Americans are deeply upset and wounded by her comments, so where is the apology?

Lord knows, the behavior of the swift boaters against Senator John Kerry was despicable and so was President Bush’s treatment of Senator John McCain in South Carolina a few years ago. However, as low as the swift boaters and the Bush campaign (sorry for repeating myself) went, they never raised the possibility of their opponent’s assassination.

So which is it? Are Senator Clinton’s remarks driven by fatigue or political greed? I think we all know the answer. The solution, thankfully, is simple. Senator Clinton should put her country first and get out of the race – now.