Obama’s right & Palin’s still a nitwit

President Obama is right in deciding not to release the pictures of a dead Osama Bin Laden. The common human desire to see the pictures, shared by me too by the way, is the same macabre desire that leads everyone to slow to a crawl when they pass a car accident. Not a desire whose influence deserves decision making power when it comes to releasing the Bin Laden photos.

The argument that they need to be released to really really really prove Bin Laden is dead is not a good one. For God sakes we have people who deny the holocaust! What on earth makes anyone in their right mind think releasing the photos would do the trick?

Speaking of people in their right mind, wait, I already did that in referring to the president. Let’s be fair and speak about someone who is not in their right mind: Sarah Palin. Upon learning that the president had decided not to release the photos Palin tweeted, “"Show photo as warning to others seeking America’s destruction. No pussy-footing around, no politicking, no drama; it’s part of the mission." Where are we, Sarah, in some school yard? Bad enough you’ve got some members of the public thinking you’re mighty special and as long as that lasts you’ll gouge them for every penny you can, but are you kidding me? We talked like that when we were in school, meaning when we were kids. Do us all a favor and go back to Alaska and keep your eyes on Russia.

Anyway, in my view Obama is still an extraordinary president and Palin is still an extraordinary nitwit.

Maceo thinking, “That’s One Ugly Bitch”

Maceo in Willie’s Diner sipping coffee staring down at the morning paper thinking, Man, that’s one ugly bitch. Looking  across the table at Murphy, all 280 pounds of him, he says, “Don’t she get uglier by the day?” and points his chipped coffee mug at the picture of Sarah Palin under a headline announcing the Alaskan governor’s resigning from office ,  “She’s resigning because she thinks she can,” he looks down at the paper, studies a moment, reads out loud,  “fight for our children’s future from outside the governor’s office.”

Murphy chuckles, swallows a belch, says, “She could help kids more maybe if she did it from outside the country,” pauses, then adds, “She did get fuckin’ ugly quick.”

Maceo, smiling now, says, “Like, you know, you meet someone and maybe they look, you know, alright and shit, and then they’re real nice and soon they look nicer and nicer. Well Palin’s the reverse of that shit. McCain picks her and I think, Now that’s one hot looking lady.”

Murphy nods once. “Yeah, that lasted.”

“Five minutes tops.  She starts talkin’ about she knows foreign policy and shit ‘cause she can see Russia from Alaska.”

Good glasses, man.”

She got ugly fast.”

Murphy nods agreement. “That’s one ugly bitch.”


I was a wee bit tired when I first read that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin released a statement about the birth of her first grandchild which read, in part, “We are over the moon with the arrival of this healthy, beautiful baby…” I thought it read “we are on the moon” and found myself wishing that’s exactly where she was.

The former Republican VP nominee (an unsettling phrase to write, let me tell you) reminds me of fungus that just won’t go away. Or one of those horrible sitcoms that leaves you scratching your head, wondering with all your might, what on earth are people thinking?

As time moves on after the election it is more and more clear how out of her element she was and is when it comes to holding national office. Check that. Any office. At the same time, it is refreshing to see the real John McCain back again, the John McCain free of his handlers, a group of people who, now that I think of it, ought to be on the moon with Palin.

Happy New Year all!