Obama’s right & Palin’s still a nitwit

President Obama is right in deciding not to release the pictures of a dead Osama Bin Laden. The common human desire to see the pictures, shared by me too by the way, is the same macabre desire that leads everyone to slow to a crawl when they pass a car accident. Not a desire whose influence deserves decision making power when it comes to releasing the Bin Laden photos.

The argument that they need to be released to really really really prove Bin Laden is dead is not a good one. For God sakes we have people who deny the holocaust! What on earth makes anyone in their right mind think releasing the photos would do the trick?

Speaking of people in their right mind, wait, I already did that in referring to the president. Let’s be fair and speak about someone who is not in their right mind: Sarah Palin. Upon learning that the president had decided not to release the photos Palin tweeted, “"Show photo as warning to others seeking America’s destruction. No pussy-footing around, no politicking, no drama; it’s part of the mission." Where are we, Sarah, in some school yard? Bad enough you’ve got some members of the public thinking you’re mighty special and as long as that lasts you’ll gouge them for every penny you can, but are you kidding me? We talked like that when we were in school, meaning when we were kids. Do us all a favor and go back to Alaska and keep your eyes on Russia.

Anyway, in my view Obama is still an extraordinary president and Palin is still an extraordinary nitwit.

My Country, by Sarah Palin

First I’d like to say in words, yes words you know, we know, yes it is true, talking to my country, meaning yours too, ours, yes, my words here are for you for all.

This great country is shining, we know, don’t we know? It shines it does from sea to shining mountains and seas, a most beautiful land with, you know you beautiful people are too, yes, you know this is true.

I believe in things, many things, you know me and you know this, it is all true. From my Alaska mountaintop I see as you would many things, not just Russia but many things, God is there, yes you know my words are here and there and for you and for God from you and me, they’re on the mountaintop, in Alaska, more than Russia I see for my country.

My country’s future, mine and yours and the mountains below with rivers, yes, of course lakes streams, but this Obama is dangerous, you know from my mountain I know, no one, anywhere and there too knows what or who or what is being said.

And you can quote me.