Write a love story: a word sketch

She told me to write a love story. Those were her exact words. She said, “You should write a love story.” Visions of sickening sugary romance novels sprung to mind and I got a case of the horrors. “No way!” I exclaimed. Her face shrugged. She said nothing. I got to thinking about it. A love story. A story about love, two people falling in love. Fuck. She had a point. Romance novels? So what? And then, she took us to an even deeper and joyous level of wonder. She said, “Write our love story.”

2 thoughts on “Write a love story: a word sketch

  1. Peter Kahrmann! This is great! And you know, I DID write my love story. It’s out for edging now. Thank you for your amazing edit which was so very valuable to me.

    And your post… Your post… Indeed it’s true that one’s love start has nothing to do with a romance novel. Lol.

    Thanks for being you. I love to find you in any day.


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