That’s life

You and I are always in

Finding-our-way mode

Realize it or not

Age doesn’t matter

Zero to one twenty

That is the mode

That’s life

Never a still thing

You silk smooth beauty

You heart warming scent

Touching all a moment


2 thoughts on “That’s life

  1. Peter,

    As you know I’m a total/permanent disabled volunteer firefighter that has been involved in getting better and updated disability benefits for volunteer firefighters in New York. If you Google: Fury of a Volunteer Firefighter Scorned, the New York Times wrote a story about my earlier battles with the New York State workers’ compensation board that turned into victories for myself and other disabled volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers in the state.

    I’m presently attempting to get a yearly cost-of-living included with the disability benefits myself and 37 other total permanent disabled volunteer firefighters in New York receive. S-1000a Funke, and A-5133 Morelle are bills ion the New York State Senate and Assembly that will give us an annual cost-of-living tied to the national consumer price index.

    S-1000a Funke passed the New York State Senate last summer.

    A-5133 Morelle is stuck in the Local Government Committee, the Chairman of this committee is Assemblyman William Magnarelli.

    I was wondering if you could ask readers of the Kahrman Blog to write to Assemblyman Magnarelli and ask him and members of his committee to favorably pass A-5133 out of committee and back to the Assembly floor?

    The Assemblyman’s address: Assemblyman Wm. Magnarelli

    LOB 837

    Albany, NY 12248

    Thanks for reading my e-mail and for your consideration,

    Your friend,

    Mike Nicholson


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