Meet Senator Roadkill

Setting aside the fact his beard makes Ted Cruz look like he was interrupted while eating roadkill, I have a hard time figuring out how he can lead a happy life.

I don’t think a human being can be driven by a lust for power and a sick venomous dishonesty, as evidenced by recently accusing Democrats of wanting to give voting rights to “illegal aliens” and “child molesters,” and be a happy human being at the same time. That much greed and dishonesty and cruelty coursing through your being does not result in nirvana.

That Senator Roadkill knows his charges are rubbish, doesn’t matter to him. If you can give the guy a pass who called your wife ugly, said your Dad helped assassinate President John F. Kennedy, no one should be surprised you scarf down roadkill.

To be clear, I don’t think any member of any party would want to give voting rights to illegal aliens and child molesters. Then again, perhaps Senator Roadkill doth protest too much.

One thought on “Meet Senator Roadkill

  1. An accurate and direct “trashing” of the gross mis-representations and outright lies being “sold” by Ted Cruz. Recall that he voted AGAINST the Cares Act III providing aid for the State of Texas and its working families, middle class, local governments and schools. He voted AGAINST assistance for those in desperate need to shelter their families, acquire food and meds as needed, receive healthcare, pay rent and mortgages – helping landlords and banks too, and adding a “bubble-up” economic stimulus to revive the American economy that lost 20 million jobs in the last year. Unemployment TRIPLED from 3.4% to 10% as a result of the pandemic invasion. We need to survive, recover, reinvent, and restore our jobs and economic growth potential with a “jump start.” Cruz OPPOSED the “jump start” to recover from COVID19 and to breathe new life into our economy. His position? NO AID FOR ANY TEXANS – State and local governments and schools, healthcare need and hospitals, food and shelter for working families and the middle class, nothing for small “Mom and Pop” neighborhood businesses… NO says Cruz.
    But, he voted YES in 2017 for massive tax relief for the Uber- wealthy and giant corporations…. with no virus in sight! Cruz smiled on his way to his fund-raiser… not to the corner bodega. Trickle-Down Disaster Cruz…. Time to go….


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