It Was Your Heart I Wanted

In this hard stone granit loss moment

I hold close the words of my never 

To be gone language until I am 

Singing it was your heart I wanted

In the face of love fear driven knees

Buckle from history’s wounds standing

On Ode to Joy’s unflinching throne  

Singing it was your heart I wanted 

Casting a glance over my shoulder

I hold close the dream all gone

Grateful it whispered soft to me

It was your heart I wanted

This day now moves past sunset gold 

Words gently grace this page dancing 

Humility it is more than just you

It was your heart I wanted

A Bucket List Dream Come True

The Oxford English Dictionary

This week a dream I thought would never come true, is going to come true. The party who is making this dream come true has asked to remain anonymous, and so I shall call this party, the angel. 

If I was offered a brand new Jeep Wrangler or a new Porsche, neither would stand a chance against the full 20-volume set of the Oxford English Dictionary

The OED is, without question, the summit of all English Language Dictionaries. Work began on it in 1857. For a time the project was called, “A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles; Founded Mainly on the Materials Collected by The Philological Society.” It was not until 1884 the dictionary began to be published in installments. It was then referred to as, “The Oxford English Dictionary,” though the name of the publication was not formally changed until 1928.

For one who writes in English (or gives it a go), the OED is an absolute feast of knowledge. Language is the material I use to create, report, observe, make a fool of myself, and, at times, not.

The angel had asked me a couple of months ago, or thereabouts, if there was anything the angel could do for me. The underpinning to the offer was the angel’s belief that I had done a lot for others, and so, is there anyway the angel could help me?

Finally, a week or two ago, I wrote to the angel and asked if the angel would consider starting a go-fund-me page to raise the funds for purchasing the full OED set. It runs around $1,200 to $1,400. In less than 24 hours, the angel let me know the angel had covered the cost of the OED, and it was on its way. 

I cried when I learned this; tears of joy you can be sure. There was even a moment when I nearly shook my head to make sure I was awake, and I was!

There are no words to adequately express how moved and grateful I am to this angel for making this dream of mine come true. Then again, if there are words to fully thank them, I will soon have the right dictionary in which to find them!

Books Read – 2020

The Sanctuary of Books

1) Can You Forgive Her?

Trollope, Anthony
2) The Mayor of CasterbridgeHardy, Thomas
3) Under the Greenwood TreeHardy, Thomas
4) The Pioneers: The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal WestMcCullough, David
5) A Backward GlanceWharton, Edith
6) Unleavened BreadGrant, Robert
7) A Guilty Thing Surprised (Inspector Wexford, #5)Rendell, Ruth
8) Mason’s RetreatTilghman,Christopher
9) The Hills BeyondWolfe, Thomas
10) The Pioneers: James Fenimore CooperCooper,JamesFenimore
11) Excellent WomenPym, Barbara
12) When We Were OrphansIshiguro, Kazuo
13) The Genuine Article (The Sheriff Chick Charleston Mysteries Book 2)Guthrie Jr., A.B.
14) Mandela’s Way: Lessons for an Uncertain AgeStengel, Richard
15) Dombey and SonDickens, Charles
16) A New England boyhoodHale, Edward Everett
17) The Big Bad City (87th Precinct, #49)McBain, Ed
18) No Second WindGuthrie Jr., A.B.
19) A High Wind in JamaicaHughes, Richard
20) The Vicar of WakefieldGoldsmith, Oliver
21) Nocturne (87th Precinct, #48)McBain, Ed
22) Murders at Moon DanceGuthrie Jr., A.B.
23) Coming Up for AirOrwell, George
24) Keep the Aspidistra FlyingOrwell, George
25) Burmese DaysOrwell, George
26) Benjamin Franklin: An American LifeIsaacson, Walter
27) Twice ShyFrancis, Dick
28) The Eustace DiamondsTrollope, Anthony
29) The WoodlandersHardy, Thomas
30) The Belton EstateTrollope, Anthony
31) Miller’s ValleyQuindlen, Anna
32) Phineas Redux, Vol. 1Trollope, Anthony
33) Phineas Redux, Volume 2Trollope, Anthony
34) The American SenatorTrollope, Anthony
35) The Turn of the ScrewJames, Henry