Feeney Again – This Time Targeting Children

This time it’s children.

Timothy J. Feeney has contracted with the Fort Ann Central School District in New York’s Washington County to work with children with behavioral issues, including, but not limited to, children with autism. In his contract with the district and in the resume he presented to the district, Mr. Feeney represents himself as having a valid PhD and masters degree and he doesn’t. District Superintendent Maureen VanBuren and district school members have been informed, but to date there is no reason to believe the district has severed its contract with Mr. Feeney.

I am not unique when I lay claim to a special form of disgust and anger when I see children being targeted. To portray yourself as Dr. Feeney or Tim Feeney PhD and then impact the lives of children, including children with disabilities no less, is both unconscionable and potentially dangerous for this child.

Apparently Feeney has no problem misleading the public, and one has to wonder about his staff as well, given the fact since it was revealed in 2008 that he is misrepresenting his credentials. Staff members Melissa Capo, Paul Akers and James Feeney were with him at the time. Feeney’s company website certainly wants you to think he is Dr. Feeney. It is no surprise that nowhere does he mention Greenwich University in his bio.

Mr. Feeney’s PhD and Masters were issued by a now defunct diploma mill called Greenwich University, pretty much a by-mail course since Greenwich University was located on Norfolk Island off the coast of Australia. When Mr. Feeney took advantage of its services he was living in New York.

The Australian Government was so concerned about Greenwich it formerly issued an alert

If Feeney’s website’s claim that he “travels the world over speaking to audiences about collaborative supports for individuals with brain injury, autism and related disorders, and individuals with challenging behaviors” appears accurate. One has to wonder what impact he has. After all, he is misrepresenting his credentials to families and their children, around the world.

According to District Superintendent VanBuren, the district has no specific policy to vet potential contract employees. You would think the parents and community would be up in arms over this. There is no excuse on God’s green earth for putting children at risk.

Mr. Feeney did not respond to a written request for comment.



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