On The Relaxin

I was bothering no one I was merely

Reading out loud this thing I’d set down

A short time earlier I swearda God

I wasn’t botherin a soul

I had the t’s crossed and  i’s dotted

And I don’t believe I was dangling

Too many participles I was an innocent

Man just hangin out

…On the relaxin


There I was in mid-sentence stroll

Eyes meeting those in attendance

When slam pow screech

There you were and I

Slipped into the pool

Cause there was not footin

Left cause there you were

Soft eyed lookin straight back

…On the relaxin


I sucked up my gut

Broke free of a conversation

Braved my knee-buckling fear sweat

And with hands shoved in pockets

Invited you to coffee

With us and now you get real slippery

And say okay and I’m outside cool

Sayin certainly while inside

my little boy says – serious?

…On the relaxin


Soon we discover nestled mornings

Your very hot tea and my coffee

Sipped during the crackle rasp

Of newspaper pages turning

Putting all on hold here

And there making room for the kiss

And the skin to skin don’t let

The day begin embrace

…On the relaxin


Life seems to be with you now

We are fast joined growing hearts

Learning our landscapes

And I like your magic full

Length around me in gentle

Form the scent of peace

Is full in the air

We are the healing newborn

…On the relaxin


I see more sun in the day now

The movement of the lake

Outside my window seems smoother

And even the coffee tastes better

And who the hell knows

Maybe there is a God

Just look at you in cotton

Folks smiling at me

…On the relaxin




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