Charlie Sheen: Dead Man Talking

I’m thinking about his five children, the two sons recently removed from his house for their safety, his parents, brothers and sister. I’m think of those who really love him. Like Charlie Sheen, they are going through hell. The only difference is, they know it. They know that unless he gets the help he desperately needs, and deserves, it is only a matter of time, and perhaps not a lot of that, before we learn of this death.

The salvia-dripping media jackals have latched onto Mr. Sheen’s thus far losing battle with addiction, not because they care about the man, but because they want to make as much money of the man’s crumbling life as they can before he dies, and then make as much money off the circumstances of his death, funeral and burial.

If you are one of those that have seen the repeated airings of Mr. Sheens dysfunctional monologues and dialogues, know that you are watching the disease of addiction killing a human being. His words and behavior may make you dislike him. Understandable. But here’s a tip. Dislike the disease, not the person. Disliking Mr. Sheen because of his disease driven behavior is like disliking someone with the flu because they have a fever.

I hope he gets well. With all my might I hope he does not die.  I hope, like me and countless others, he hits a “bottom” he can recognize and gets the help he deserves.  I hope this for him, and for all who truly love him, especially his children.


3 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen: Dead Man Talking

  1. I was having some similiar thoughts last evening as I looked at Charlie's face…I could SEE the disease. The whole picture was so clear and yes, SO sad.Thank you for this post. There by the Grace of God…

  2. There's a NY Times article out entitled, "The Disposable Woman." It describes how Charlie Sheen's abuse of women, domestic violence, etc., is ignored by the media. Rather than be cognitively understanding and aware of his disease, perhaps you could focus on his abuse of women? Although it may be symptomatic of his disease, it is worthy of consideration given what the author of the article (mentioned above) wrote. Have a go…

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