Congress & Shut The Fuck Up

I’d like to be able to just go ahead and say, Shut the fuck up and not cause any trouble in the process. I mean no disrespect. That said, I write and say my own sentences, thank you very much, and it is not my fault that shut the fuck up is a phrase that can be very helpful on the emotion management front. One of my favorite lines in movies is in Midnight Run, when Robert De Niro’s character says to Charles Grodin’s character, I got two words for you. Shut the fuck up. A classic line, if ever there was one.

Shut the fuck up is a playful phrase with all kinds of fun potential. Just close your eyes (or not) and imagine yourself saying, Shut the fuck up to those you think might just benefit from the experience.

I’d pay good money to walk up to Trump and say, “Yo, orange boy, or whatever the fuck happened to you, shut the fuck up.”

I thank some members of Congress for helping me realize I’d best not to say, Shut the fuck up,  because it is, if these folks are any measure, an apparently deadly form of nuclear-weapon English. After all, members of Congress cower in fear when faced with schoolyard tweet or taunt from Trump. Lyin’ Ted scare the shit out of you, does it? Little Marco, freeze you in place?

To these brave congressional few I say, I’ve got two words for you, shut the fuck up.

4 thoughts on “Congress & Shut The Fuck Up

  1. On the money…. Often both the Prez and the Congress babbles and does not listen with an ear to the ground…. Just megaphones in the ionosphere. Write on….
    Bobby J

  2. To orange man..Such a racist comment..I would love to read your post more..But find your language offensive..Which is sad because..Your a brilliant writer..I wish your words brought unification..As opposed to..Well..division and hatred…

    1. Apparently you read the whole post because “orange man” was near the end. That said, no doubt you’re appalled with Trump, someone who is, by any measure, a racist, misogynist and, as we are learning, a traitor to this country. (As for sowing division and hatred, Trump and his ilk vomit division and hatred.)


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