Beyond my reach

She’s out there somewhere

Her dancing rhythm’s

Dreaming dancing color


We danced side by side

Shape shifting magic real

Beyond my reach


She taught me

Skin to skin embracing

Soul to soul


I loved her then

And love her still

To eternity and beyond


She’s out there

Across the giant pond

Beyond my reach


On a distant floor

Seen her sweat shuffle moves down Main Street way sending

Smiles warm blasting hearts dizzy buckling knees she strides on

Seen her in the car just passing head spins sideways catching rainbows

Glancing sunlight ricochets off her eyes for me she drives on

Seen her skirt swirl as she turns dancing free of worries

On a distant floor in the world no more she moves on

Last night smiling in all the best made dreams

I woke up in the chill cold still of morning

No lights on

Love hopes


My fingers feather touch

Across your cheek gliding

Your lips on my face

Knowing heaven

Here on earth


Your breath whispers

Against my neck

Hold me long enough

So love reaches

All of us


Our words dance joy

In daylight starlight

Laughter jewels the air

With possibilities


The talon grip

Of history’s wounds

Love’s newborn flesh

Old armor donned blinds

Insight hiding truth

But a moment

Love hopes


Listen to your heartsoul

Split word ladies dancing with broken song men

Me thinks I’m wise not going through all that again

Mangled dream weavers with songs sung off key

Wound the heartsouls of folks like you and me


Sincere hearted ladies dancing with strong souled men

Now that’s where I’m headed and stayin until the end

Honest lives live things from the inside out

Leaving no blood shed  no frightened shout


So sweet friend reader live things true

Your unflinching truth reveals the meaning of you

Better a dream half lived than not lived at all

Listen to your heartsoul answer its call

Love with all your might


Listen to this life it’s all yours too

Love this life with all its shifting shape movements

Dream the dreams you dare and breathe them in full

Love with all your might it is your right


Listen to the occupy movers singing your freedom

Listen to the heartbeat of nature’s song it’s your song

Dream the impossible possible and breathe it in full

Love with all your might it is your right


Listen to Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall

Listen to each season’s rhythm it is your all

Dream the chimes of freedom and breathe them full

Love with all your might it is your right