Liars & tigers and…well… more liars

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you are going to lie to me, for God’s sake, make an effort. Put some work ethic into your bullshit.

Now, if you think maturity in years brings maturity of the mind, think again. I’m 62, and let me tell you, people in my age range spin tales of bullshit so ornate and obvious they’d make teenagers, struggling with how to stay wedded to the truth in a confusing, overwhelming world, feel a little less shitty about themselves.

I mean, anyone can tell a lie, it takes zero talent. In many instances all you have to do is, on some level, decide the person or persons you are lying to are not worthy of respect and then the next thing you have to do is utter anything you know to be false. Takes no talent at all. Rich or poor, short or tall, big or small, male or female, anyone can tell a lie.

What galls me is when people lie to me so transparently. So blatantly, in fact, I’d have to have the IQ of some poor sod who really does think Donald Trump is an honest man not to know they’re lying.

Some years ago a woman I was in a relationship with said she had to leave the relationship because she’d been in relationships for so many years in a row she needed to experience life on her own. Perfectly understandable. Worthy of compassion, were it not for the fact she was already in her next relationship when she mentioned this to me, and were that next relationship not one of  two she would be in in as many months.

And then, of course, there is the woman who goes to great lengths to let me know she is grateful for the safe haven of our friendship, because she is just months out of a long term relationship and is, understandably, in no shape to take on a romantic relationship in the near future. Which makes her decision to put a profile on a dating site announcing a desire to be in relationship all the sadder.

I suppose, on some level, people fear being honest because they think if they really let their truth show, and tell the truth, the world will turn its back on them. The thing is, turning their back on you is not and instinct to be found in someone who genuinely loves you, someone who really is your friend. However, if you lie to them, you leave them little choice.




2 thoughts on “Liars & tigers and…well… more liars

  1. Hi Peter,
    I haven’t lied since I was ten years old. I hadn’t considered that viewpoint of ” is this person worthy of my respect?” Makes sense. And, then there’s the 10 Commandments. Somehow I thought, “Do Not Lie ” was kind of woven into all of them. What am I missing?!!!

    Merry Christmas!


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