President Donald J. Whiteman

You cannot support President Donald J. Whiteman’s pro-child-abuse policy of tearing children (from babies to teens) away from their mothers and families and be American, at the same time.

Whiteman is a racist. Whiteman is a misogynist. Whiteman’s bigotry applies to pretty much everyone, save for those who are wealthy, white, and male. If the male is a dictator, Whiteman likes him no matter his skin color.

Whiteman represents, through actions and words, the side my father and uncle fought against in World War II; they were in the United States Army and fought against the Nazis.

We are in the same fight now. We are in the beginnings of it. Silence, is not an option,  if you love this country.

Donald Trump: White Power’s new leader

The white-power movement has found its leader in president-elect Donald J. Trump. Our democracy is in danger. If it is to survive, if we are to survive as our founding fathers intended, we need recognize the dangerous reality we are facing, and we can’t blink. If we do, our democracy is lost. We are fools to think otherwise.

Trump is an all-around bigot with facist leanings and the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party are thrilled. Every individual he is considering for his cabinet has pronoucned racist-bigot. By definition, a bigot believes some segments of the population as less worthy of rights than other segments of the population.

Doubling this danger, of course, is Putin-Trump bromance.

You don’t need a cornflake’s imagination to envision Trump and his Drumpfian Klan trying to overthrow our democracy by selling pie-in-the-sky promises to white racists while shattering our declaration of independence and constitution along the way.

Now is the time for all of us, young and old, to stand up for every individual’s right – including the individuals who are illegal immigrants – to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you really want to be kind of country that says they don’t have these rights, and or, it is not our problem, so sorry they might suffer, and in many cases, die, then don’t tell me you’re a practicing Christian and don’t tell me you’re an American.

The very rights that some are so quick to deny others, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are rights memorialized in both our Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The latter includes illegal immigrants, people who are not the evil, slinking, shadowy enemy the newly empowered white-power movement would have you believe. The white-power movement is in part rooted in the culturally-fabricated belief that the darker the skin, the less valuable the life.

It is by no means a stretch to say the Pilgrims — white people — were the beginning of the white-power movment. White settlers were essentially illegal immigrants who went on to enslave, slaughter, imprison, and steal the land from American Indians and, as if that weren’t enough, claimed to be Christians in the process.

Any of this ring a bell, people?

The only ones that slaughtered innocents were the whites. For those inclined to cite American Indian raids let me reintroduce you to reality, we attacked them, they fought back, so get a grip. Many of our black brothers and sisters, as you know, are descended from those who did not come here voluntarily: slaves. White people are the ones who stormed this land.

Now, we have elected a president, praised by the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Party members, who is making cabinet appointments that increases, not decreases, the roar of approval from white-power leaders. We have elected a facist who is just as willing to trample and slaughter as many white settlers were. This cretin doesn’t want to make America great, he wants to make it bigoted, white racist nation once again.

My father and uncle fought the Nazis in World War II. I grew up with a minister who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I’ve got good role models. I will fight, through nonviolent means, the newly empowered white power movement with all my heart and soul.

Condoleezza Rice Insults Mammals: Mammal Status Now in Jeopardy

Condoleezza Rice insulted all mammals Monday when she told Stanford students that al Qaeda is a greater threat to the United States than the Nazis were. A mammal herself, though no longer a mammal in good standing, Rice’s bizarre and bogus claim has resulted in a furious uproar throughout the entire mammal community.

The lead council of the WMA (World Mammal Association) will go into emergency session in Brussels later today to consider revoking Rice’s mammal status. One person close to the council, who asked that her name not be revealed, said some council members question whether Rice was ever a mammal in the first place. “After all, there is something rather reptilian about her appearance, look at that face!” the source said.

Seaworld in Orlando Florida this morning reported that Shamu, the killer whale, held a closed door midnight meeting with several dolphins and they unanimously agreed to go on strike until Rice recants.

“She is a disgrace to all mammals past and present,” a visibly angry Shamu told members of the media after the meeting. Shamu and the dolphins refused to take questions.

Roa the Kiwi said Rice was, “a whack job.”

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan released a statement late yesterday saying Rice’s statement reveals “she may be assertive but she is anything but calm. As a result of her disgusting assertion, all my dogs met and have chosen to go on a hunger strike. My family and I are considering joining them. After all, we are all mammals; Rice has disgraced us all.”

On the local level, this writer met this morning with his three dogs, two squirrels, three chipmunks, one deer (a doe), and a rabbit named Murphy with abnormally large buck teeth. All of us agreed that Rice may well be taking steroids because that would explain her behavior, not to mention her reptilian appearance.


Letting Loose on the Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel

There are times I want to set aside any sense of decorum and have at it with some of the slugs I see. For example, the likes of former CIA director, General Michael Hayden, who actually defended torture recently on Fox News (a network renowned for having anything but news) and actually criticized President Obama for making the specific forms of torture public (they already were public, asshole) because now enemy combatants can train for it if we decided to use it again.

Use it again? Somebody slap that man. Better yet, kick his ass and be done with it. And while you’re at it, do the same to the Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel for two reasons: they deserve it and they’ve done more to damage what my country was founded and designed to stand for than any American administration in history. In fact, if there was one thing the Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel made sure to exclude in their efforts, it was anything truly American.

The Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel claim torture and secret prisons were and are needed to fight the horror of terrorism. Did they forget WWII and the Nazis? Were there any group of people more vicious than the Nazis? The world united against them (which, by the way, had begun to happen right after 9/11e before the Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel tried to develop a dictatorship (something I believe, historians will confirm if allowed to research and report honestly and unimpeded) and defeated them and the Nuremberg Trials to this day stand as an extraordinary example of justice right-sizing injustice.

Okay, enough for now. Peace out.


I do not respond to comments people leave on the blog as a rule. However, I want to make an exception because in this case I think it is important.

On January 17 I published a piece sharply criticizing New York attorney Jeffrey Schwartz for villainizing a seven-year-old murder victim. Let me give you some background and then we can get to the blog comment critical of the piece.

Mr. Schwartz is the defense attorney for Cesar Rodriquez, 29, who is on trial in Brooklyn’s Supreme Court for the murder of seven-year-old Nixzmary Brown. Nixzmary was found emaciated, beaten and dead on the floor or her Brooklyn home in January 2006. She weighed 36 pounds, barely half the weight of a healthy child her age.

In his defense of Mr. Rodriquez, Mr. Schwartz said, “”As for what Nixzmary did to provoke Mr. Rodriguez’s wrath on the last night of her life, it’s easy to say, ‘Aw, he killed the kid and beat her because of yogurt.’ Many of us don’t have yogurt problems” — here he gestured to his own well-fed midsection — “but when you’re poor and you can’t afford unlimited amounts of food and you have six children, you have to make sure that everyone gets what they’re entitled to get, so that you can ensure that everyone stays healthy.””

Brooklyn police said, “Cesar Rodriguez beat the little girl to death, then tossed her on the floor of what was known in the family’s apartment as the “dirty room,” a rodent-infested room where she had been tied up and left with only a litter box as a toilet.”

Mr. Schwartz said Nixzmary refused to be disciplined, pointing out that she would slip out of the ropes that tied her to the chair in the “dirty room”. He said, “She was a little Houdini.”

Okay. Someone recently sent this anonymous comment in response to the January 17 piece. I present it to you exactly how is was received.

“if you are honest enough to concede that this scumbag deserves a defense, how can you, in the same breath, fault the lawyer for doing his job? his job is to get the guy off the hook. period. unless mr schwartz violates the law, i dont care if he convinces the jury to acquit because aliens from ufo’s did it or because the kid was a little bastard who deserved her fate. that’s schwartz’s job. you have a problem with that- then for crying out loud, understand that your problem is with the system and the jury, not mr. schwartz. i fail to understand why that distinction is lost on so many people.”

Dear Anonymous,

I agree with you that part of the problem, without question, is the legal system. But here’s the thing, you seem to give Mr. Schwartz a moral pass by saying he was just doing his job. The implication of your reasoning here is unsettling, as it appears that it is okay with you if a child-murder victim, or any murder victim for that matter, is bludgeoned and defiled in a court room in the name of justice. And here is where we differ. This kind of seedy behavior has no relationship with justice.

The notion of just doing his job does not and should not provide cover for anyone to victimize, brutalize or abuse another human being. The just doing our job mindset is the very mindset used by Nazis and others of similar ilk. Each of us is responsible for how we do our job, what lines we are and are not willing to cross.

I know some good lawyers that on their worst day would not enter into the arena of victim degradation. Not so Mr. Schwartz. He will savage and demean a seven-year-old girl who died a terrible death so he can win his case. But win what? The resulting verdict? Because if the verdict is not guilty, what has he really won? If the verdict is not guilty there is something that, in addition to Nixzmary, that would suffer a devastating loss: justice.

And isn’t justice supposed to be what it is all about in the first place?

Note: The jury is currently deliberating and has yet to issue a verdict.